Welcome to Wynot Nebraska

Wynot, Nebraska came into being as a direct result of the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Omaha Railroad's expansion across Cedar County. In selecting a name for the town, it is said that one struck the fancy of an elderly gentleman from whom the land was purchased, he responded "JA, Vy not? Warum nicht?". The Wynot?" And so that name was chosen. The Wynot Village Park (Telleson Park) has a gazebo, picnic area, and children's playground equipment.

The multi tasking seems to be the only way most folks seem to get anything done, multi-tasking behind the wheel of your car is, well, a pretty bad idea. Without taking your eyes off the road for too long, take a look at some other drivers around you and see what else is going on inside their car besides driving. Asking a number of drivers the question “What is the most unusual thing you have ever witnessed a while driving a car?” resulted in a number of some very interesting responses.

Many drivers spoke of the usual suspects, people eating and talking on cell phones and topped the list. However, there were many other activities spoken of that were far from expected. There were reports like the one from texas approved adult driver ed that drivers are brushing or flossing their teeth, shaving (including one woman shaving her legs!), eating nearly every kind of food you could imagine (including bowls of cereal), reading and writing.

Almost anything you could imagine doing outside of a car, including some that should be engaged in while in the privacy of one’s own bedroom, were all allegedly witnessed by the participants in this informal survey. While eating or reading may or may not take your mind off of a task, the “bedroom ones” would without question. The scary thing is that you could be sharing the road with such a driver at any time!

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, the average driver makes two and a half mistakes for each mile he or she drives. If that “average driver” was also negotiating a bowl of cereal or returning a text, imagine how much higher that number would be. It is vitally important to keep one’s head in the game every time he or she gets behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, driving is something many of us have done for so long that we often forget just how dangerous the driving environment can be. That’s where a course like the one offered by 6 Hour Driving Course Texas can be a big help. Sometimes a little reminder of good and bad habits can serve to remind us which ones we have acquired along the way. Driving safety is vital to not only us but to all of the other drivers around us. Spending a little time to refresh ourselves with how to safely negotiate our way down the road can pay big dividends.