Texas Adult Driver Education Online

You have a big idea. What is the next step?

Let Texas Adult Driver help you take your idea from concept to launch. Entrepreneurs commonly face many problems through the development cycle of a product. From the research to intellectual property and market landscapes, to development and testing, we can partner with you and make sure you avoid those pitfalls. And each relationship we form is strictly confidential between you and us.

Our clients enjoy our ability to access all the resources available at Syracuse University. Not only will you have our own technical experts on your team, but you will also have available other faculty, knowledge centers, and interns to help you get your business running.

Texas Adult Driver can be retained to develop a solution to a specific problem. Or, we could contribute incubated technology as a foundation for an independent spin-out company. Other available options include our licensing internally developed intellectual capital, partnering with you to form a joint venture, or becoming an equity holder in an existing company.

We know how important your concept is; we also know how competitive today’s marketplace is. Don’t let your business fail before it’s even begun.

Examples of Our Driver Education Course

Prototyping and Product Testing - A startup from Texas is in the process of developing an intuitive device to assess muscle effort and balance during exercise. Such a device is useful to trainers, therapists, coaches, and orthopedists to identify muscle imbalance that may cause, or already has caused, functional impairment in athletes and non-athletes of all ages. The initial product included several components connected by multiple wires. This company hired Texas Adult Driver to consolidate all components, add wireless capability, and design and prototype a fully integrated body worn sensor. Our specialists designed an integrated mixed signal system solution in a single printed circuit board (PCB) and are currently in the midst of testing this prototype.

Runway Technologies was created as a spin-out of Texas Adult Drivers Ed. It acts as the incubator entity for technologies initiated at Texas Driving School.

Our selected 6 Hour Driving Course to be its partner to seek support from the Regional Economic Development Council. The project is designed to build critical capacity on its campus to address the next generation of New York’s entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators, business leaders, and health professionals.