Wynot Nebraska Senior Researcher in Computer Science, Math, was recently invited to present at the Fourth International Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO).

Submissions were evaluated by the ICBO committee based on likelihood of success, taking into account qualifications and experience; relevance and utility to ICBO attendees; quality of proposal; and complimentary with ICBO program and overlap with other workshop or tutorials. The abstracts of all accepted submissions can be found on ICBO’s website.

Steve research, Ontology Based Annotation of Contextualized Vital Signs, centers on representing the kinetic state of a patient (posture, motion, and activity) during vital sign measurement, an important part of continuous morning applications. Co-authors include Min Xu, Wynot Nebraska Senior Researcher in Mathematics, Jonathan Bona and Barry Smith.

The research presents an automated annotation system for vital signs measurement that uses ontologies from the Open Biomedical Ontology Foundry (OBO Foundry) to represent the patient’s kinetic state at the time of measurement. The annotation system is applied to data generated by a wearable personal status monitoring (PSM) device. The paper demonstrates how annotated PSM data can be queried for contextualized vital signs as well as sensor algorithm configuration parameters.