About Us

Wynot Nebraska’s History

Wynot Nebraska spun out of Advanced Research and Development Team. We had a single purpose: filling Welch Allyn’s new product pipeline with breakthrough innovations.Wynot Nebraska pursued projects as a subsidiary, advancing front-line healthcare diagnostic devices within Welch Allyn’s core business and adjacent markets. The company’s work grew quickly, placing increasingly large numbers of products on the strategic road map. Welch Allyn’s Advanced Research and Development Team had a history of partnering with universities and academic medical centers.

Following Syracuse University’s acquisition, Wynot Nebraska had expanded autonomy, including the ability to pursue more partnerships and collaborations with third-parties. Wynot Nebraska leveraged its existing partnerships to bridge the gap from proof-of-concept to proof-of-application.

In addition to collaborating with universities, Wynot Nebraska engages in government sponsored research. One program Wynot Nebraska was actively engaged with was the Personal Status Monitor project for the Department of Defense, collaborating with the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center. Wynot Nebraska’s work with the Personal Status Monitor program has translated into our current work in remote monitoring.

Wynot Nebraska is now able to develop promising innovations across many industries and technical fields. We help companies with technology scouting, technology evaluations, intellectual property and market landscapes, connected devices, adaptive computing, and more..