The research team at Wynot Nebraska is working on the latest technology across diverse fields. We have deep expertise in many, including:

Biomedical Engineering: Mixed Signal System Design—Biomedical Sensors (e.g. MEMS strain gauges)—Sensor Networks—Non-Contact/Non-invasive Vital Sign Measurements—Infrared Measurements—LabView Data Acquisition Development.

Electrical Engineering: RF Radios—Energy Harvesting—Low Power Embedded System Design & Development—PCB Design, Development, and Fabrication—Microwave System Design—Wearable Computing.

Biomedical Technologies: Antimicrobial Agents—Ultrasonic MEMS.

Mathematics: Pattern Recognition—Signal Processing—Image Analysis (Image Registration and Image Fusion)—Fluorescence Image Analysis—Statistical Modeling—Data Fusion.

Computer Sciences: Artificial Intelligence—Data Mining—Dynamic Medical Object Information Base—Adaptive Computing—Cognitive Semantics—Ontology.

Wynot Nebraska augments its research and development expertise with real world know-how. Successfully launching products is not always about having the best science. It’s also about mastering:

Intellectual Property

  • Prior Art (Patent Documents and Scientific Publications) searching relative to patentability, potential licensing requirements, and/or assessing competitive advantages.
  • Prior Art searching to identify and characterize market participants.
  • Prior Art searching to identify potential collaborators or licensees.

Competitive Technology

  • Characterize existing approaches to the problem addressed by a technology.
  • Assess how “crowded” a particular field may be.

Regulatory Requirements

  • Assess regulatory burden on a proposed product.
  • Identify potential competitors and gauge their progress by researching device registrations and clinical trials.
  • EPA evaluation of new agents.

Medical Device Standards

  • Medical Device Development Lifecycle (Software/Hardware) as per ISO/IEC.